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        When the automakers began using plastic tanked and aluminum cored radiators it began the end of the traditional radiator shop as we used to know it to be.  The ones that survived began selling new raplacement radiators as it became clear that repairing plastic tanked radiators was not practical.  

        My purpose is to offer the old style radiator shop recore services in the form of quality parts and recoring services that I refer to as restoration.  I don't offer repair service.  trying to repair leaks in a radiator that is 40 + years old is usually not a good investment for the classic car enthusiast considering the age of the radiator and the freight costs involved.  

        You ship me your radiator and I will remove the tanks, spouts, fittings, oil cooler(s) and frame parts,  recondition them and install a new radiator core that is US made and as close to original as is possible.  I also can do square or round heater cores.

Contact Info:  Robert Hagerty
                        4740 N. M-65
                        Curran, MI  48728
        Phone:   989-848-2215

        You'll notice that there is no shopping cart as each project is individual.  As a result I have no completed radiators for sale and very few parts.  

        Call me.  I'm in the Eastern Time Zone and will accept calls from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday thru Saturday.
Currently my email does not work in a consistent manor.  Phone calls are the only reliable way to contact me.

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